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The ACCESS Procedure for PC Files


Requirement: This statement is required.
Valid: for DBF, DIF, WK1, WK3, WK4, Excel 4, Excel 5, and Excel 95 files under Windows operating environments

PROC ACCESS<option(s)>;


The PROC ACCESS statement options that are available with all supported PC file formats are described below. Other options, specific to particular PC file formats, are described in the file format specific chapter.


specifies the PC file format that you want to access. Specify DBMS=DBF for DBF files, DBMS=DIF for DIF files, DBMS=WK1|WK3 | WK4 for WKn files, or DBMS=XLS for XLS files. The DBMS option is required.


specifies an existing access descriptor.

Use this option when creating or updating a view descriptor based on an access descriptor that was created in a separate PROC ACCESS step.

You name the view descriptor in the CREATE statement. You can also use a SAS data set option on the ACCDESC= option to specify a SAS password for the access descriptor.

The ACCDESC= option has two aliases: AD= and ACCESS=.


specifies a view descriptor as input for the OUT= option.

See: OUT=
OUT= <libref.>member-name

specifies a SAS data file. When VIEWDESC= and OUT= are used together, you can write data that is accessed from the view descriptor to the SAS data set that is specified in OUT=. Here is an example:


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