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Overview of the SAS/ACCESS Interface to IMS

Executing SAS/ACCESS Programs under TSO

Overview of SAS/ACCESS Programs under TSO

The SAS/ACCESS Interface to IMS can run interactively if your site has installed SAS under TSO. The TSO commands needed for the run-time execution of the IMS engine interface and IMS DATA step programs are similar to those for other TSO SAS jobs. (For general information about using SAS under TSO, see the SAS Companion for z/OS and the installation instructions for the SAS/ACCESS interface to IMS). PROC ACCESS can use the standard SAS CLIST if the only task that you are performing is creating descriptor files.

Allocating Database Data Sets

If you access DL/I databases through a batch DL/I region (DLI or DBB), you must first allocate the database data sets. You can allocate these database data sets from within or outside of SAS.

From within a SAS session, you use the SAS FILENAME statement to associate ddnames with database data sets and other z/OS files that might be accessed by the interface view engine or a DATA step program. You can specify the FILENAME statements in the SAS Program Editor or in an AUTOEXEC file.

From outside of a SAS session, you can use a TSO ALLOCATE command. You can obtain the appropriate filerefs and data set names from the database administrator (DBA) staff at your site.

If you execute DL/I calls through an online DL/I access region (BMP), the database data sets are allocated to the respective DL/I control regions. Therefore, you do not need to allocate them with the TSO ALLOCATE command (or other means).

All other commands and TSO environment considerations are described in the SAS Companion for z/OS.

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