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Overview of the SAS/ACCESS Interface to CA-Datacom/DB

Example Data in the CA-Datacom/DB Document

This document uses several CA-Datacom/DB tables to show you how to use the SAS/ACCESS interface to CA-Datacom/DB. The tables were created for an international textile manufacturer. This company's product line includes some special fabrics that are made to precise specifications. The tables are named CUSTOMERS, EMPLOYEES, INVOICE, and ORDER. All the data is fictitious.

These tables are designed to show how the interface treats CA-Datacom/DB data. They are not meant as examples for you to follow in designing tables for any purpose.

Data and Descriptors for the Examples gives more information about the tables, the data each table contains, and the sample descriptors. Appendix 3 also gives information about the sample SAS data files used in Using CA-Datacom/DB Data in SAS Programs.

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