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SAS System Viewer
(Release 8.2.1 - APR 2001)

System Dependencies

The SAS System Viewer is an application intended for the Windows environment as a lightweight viewer for SAS data files and other simple text-based files. The application lets you view the contents of SAS data files without using the SAS System and without requiring the SAS System to be installed on your machine. You may distribute this application royalty-free in order to give other people the ability to view your SAS data.

Visit the PC News page or the latest information about SAS and the Microsoft Windows Platforms.

SAS System Viewer Download Packages

SAS System Viewer download package is listed by platform in the table below. Selecting the Request Download button will allow you to see the license terms and download SAS System Viewer.

SAS System Viewer
Platforms File Name Size Release Date README
Windows 9x, Windows 2000, & Windows NT SASView8.exe 19.1 MB 2001-04 pdf,
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