Extended Learning

SAS Education Debuts Extended Learning Pages

There are times in life when extensions are meaningful.

Consider the relief felt by many individuals who participated in the recently extended, U.S. government-backed loan refinance program that enabled them to save their homes from foreclosure. Reflect on the thousands of clinical trial participants whose quality of life is improved when a clinical trial of a new, promising drug is expanded to the next phase. Clearly, these extensions are welcome events.

With its recent introduction of Extending Learning Pages, SAS Education now offers a beneficial extension of the classroom learning experience to students who attend SAS' most popular training courses.

"Each of our new Extended Learning Pages provides students with post-class access to the course content that they receive in class and additional learning tools from a variety of other SAS and user resources," says Sean O'Brien, Senior Director, SAS Education. "The result is a richer learning experience and one that extends well beyond the last day of class."

After accessing a SAS Extended Learning Page, students can extend their learning in different ways such as the following:
"When students leave our classes, we want them to know that SAS Education is still there to support them, as they continue to strive to become more proficient with SAS and maximize SAS software within their organizations," continues O'Brien. "Our Extended Learning Pages help us stay connected to our students and accomplish this goal."

Students gain access to SAS Extended Learning Pages using special activation codes that SAS provides to them after they attend a course. SAS Education is currently developing Extended Learning Pages for the majority of its more than 150 classes.

Larry Stewart, Senior Director, SAS Education, says that the creation of SAS Extending Learning Pages is the latest example of the numerous post-class services the Division provides SAS users: "Improving the learning experience has always been the top priority for SAS Education. Our new Extended Learning Pages help expand our relationship with our students by providing them with a rich source of additional information that they can access for months after a class concludes."