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Happy New Year

We thought we'd celebrate by putting out a special-edition newsletter to celebrate the new year and the release of the 13.1 SAS analytical products. These products, ranging from SAS/STAT® to SAS® Enterprise Miner™, are now available with the 9.4M1 release of Base SAS®. And note that this first maintenance release of SAS 9.4 includes 32-bit Windows support. An overview of the highlights of the 13.1 releases will make you want to update your SAS software as soon as possible!

We are committed to putting out new releases frequently. For example, the 13.1 release of SAS/STAT software represents the fifth major release of SAS/STAT since the 9.22 release shipped in the spring of 2010.

This newsletter points out the highlights of the new releases, introduces you to three statistical developers, reveals the favorite new features of a variety of SAS employees, and discusses the documentation process.

I hope to see some of you at the ASA Conference on Statistical Practice in February. Otherwise, I'll be back in touch in March!


Senior R&D Director, Statistical Applications

What's New in Release 13.1
SAS/STAT 13.1 – the Video »

SAS/STAT 13.1 introduces three new procedures to SAS users and provides key enhancements to many existing statistical procedures. Available with Base SAS 9.4M1, this release adds important new functionality to SAS statistical software. Hear Senior R&D Director Maura Stokes as she provides an overview of the new procedures and other highlights of SAS/STAT 13.1 in this short video presentation.

Consolidated Information about 13.1 Analytical Products »

Keeping up with new features in a product like SAS/STAT can be difficult. If you use multiple SAS analytical products, the effort can be overwhelming. So, with this release, we’ve put together an online resource page with key information about the new releases: Links to What’s New chapters, online overview pages, handout PDFs, ambassador kits, examples, papers, and online videos will be provided. This site will be refreshed whenever new materials are available, so please keep checking (a good time would be right after SAS Global Forum 2014 in March). Just bookmark for information about the 13.1 release and upcoming releases.

SAS/ETS® 13.1 »

SAS/ETS 13.1 introduces many new estimation features, including Bayesian options, limited dependent models with endogenous regressors, compound distribution models, a new data access engine, and numerous other enhancements. SAS/ETS has also refactored its vector autoregressive procedure, PROC VARMAX, which now estimate parameters at far greater speeds and with more precision than ever before.

SAS/OR® 13.1 »

SAS/OR 13.1 includes new features and enhancements to current features in optimization, discrete-event simulation, and constraint programming. Appearing alongside ongoing improvements in the performance of the linear, mixed integer, quadratic, and general nonlinear optimization solver algorithms, these changes expand the range of problems you can address, make it easier to use the SAS/OR modeling and solution methods, deepen integration with other SAS analytic capabilities, and more fully utilize your available computational resources.

SAS® Forecast Server 13.1 »

SAS Forecast Server 13.1 provides many key enhancements and introduces new functionality such as multithreading. Available with Base SAS 9.4M1, this release adds important new functionality to SAS forecasting software. SAS Forecast Server automatically diagnoses time series to find appropriate models, generates forecasts, and reconciles forecasts in a variety of ways.

SAS 13.1 Analytical Talks at SAS Global Forum 2014 »

SAS Global Forum 2014 offers more analytics presentations and tutorials than ever before, including talks on features in the 13.1 release and the upcoming 13.2 release. Attend talks on topics ranging from statistics to operations research to text analytics, or focus on tutorials and hands-on workshops. You won't want to miss the demo floor, either, where you can talk with analytical software developers and view more than two dozen presentations.

Technical Highlights
Three New SAS/STAT Procedures from Three First-Time Developers »

Highlights of SAS/STAT 13.1 include three new procedures: the experimental BCHOICE procedure for fitting Bayesian choice models, the ICLIFETEST procedure for nonparametric survival analysis of interval-censored data, and the experimental IRT procedure for fitting item response models. All three procedures are the first procedures to be developed by three research statistical developers: Amy Shi, Changbin Guo, and Xinming An. Learn about these new procedures and meet the SAS statisticians who made them happen!

Analytical Documentation Overview »

The 13.1 analytical products come complete with documentation about their syntax, implemented methodologies, and example applications so that you can adopt them for your analytical practice. In fact, this release rolls out more than 24,000 pages of documentation to make that possible. Read about the documentation process for these products, and learn about some of the key figures who support this important work.

Fitting Multilevel Models for Survey Data with the GLIMMIX Procedure »

Multilevel models are a useful tool for analyzing survey data from multistage sampling designs. In multistage designs, you select the first-stage clusters (primary sampling units) by using a probability sample from a list of first-stage units. In the second stage, you select second-stage clusters by using a probability sample from a list of second-stage clusters for every first-stage cluster in the sample. The third and subsequent stages of clusters are selected similarly. You can use multilevel models to analyze data from multistage designs in which each stage of sampling corresponds to one level of random effects in the model. The characteristics of the units at each stage become the explanatory variables at that level. If units are drawn with unequal selection probabilities at each stage, then the unweighted estimators from standard multilevel models can be biased.

Estimating Price Elasticities in the Presence of Censored Outcomes and Endogenous Regressors »

Endogenous regressors in price elasticity modeling produce inconsistent estimates of parameters when estimated by OLS or MLE. In this case the endogeneity arises from a simultaneously determined supply-and-demand system. Even a small bias in price elasticity estimates can greatly alter ancillary price optimization routines. New features in SAS/ETS enable users to consistently estimate price elasticities in the presence of censored outcomes and endogenous regressors. These full-information maximum likelihood (FIML) estimates in the QLIM procedure allow for this consistent estimation when a proper instrument is specified.

A Few of Our Favorite Things »

If you live in the United States and have any awareness of television programming, you know that a live presentation of The Sound of Music, with its famous song "My Favorite Things," was shown on NBC. It produced a little confusion because the songs followed the stage production and not the film version, as anyone tracking Twitter that night found out. But folks at SAS have absolutely no confusion about their favorite things in the 13.1 analytical releases! Find out what various staff members like most about the 13.1 software. 

Talks and Tutorials
Tutorials at SAS Global Forum 2014 »

Numerous tutorials are on tap at SAS Global Forum 2014 in Washington, DC.

• Introduction to Logistic Regression (Maura Stokes)
• Advanced Logistic Regression (Maura Stokes)
• Getting Started with Time Series Data and Forecasting in SAS (Kenneth Sanford)
• Power and Sample Size Computations (John Castelloe)
• Creating Statistical Graphics in SAS (Warren Kuhfeld)
• Model Selection with SAS/STAT Software (Funda Güneș)

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