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SAS Presentations at SAS® Global Forum 2013: Part II

The SAS Support and Demo Area

By Memsy Price and Maura Stokes

Think of SAS® Global Forum as a town, bustling with activity as residents exchange information and ideas. If the conference is a city, then the SAS Demo Hall (known officially as "SAS Support and Demo Area") is the town square, a place where you can drop by and see friends old and new, buy a book or reserve a class, or stay for a while and engage in a longer conversation. This year's conference theme is "Strength in Numbers," and when you enter the SAS Support and Demo Area, you'll see SAS staffers embracing that theme.

bookstore at SGF In the Demo Hall, SAS representatives from all areas of the company, as well as conference sponsors, are primed to show you how their services can enhance your SAS software experience. The Customer Loyalty team can help you figure out how to get the most out of SAS at your organization. SAS Press will be on hand so you can browse their latest releases—in fact, all books purchased on site receive a conference discount! SAS Education representatives would love to talk with you about the training they provide, whether you're interested in on-site, live web or e-learning options. The Technical Support tables are always busy, as customers take advantage of face-to-face interactions with our best problem-solvers, and often do some networking of their own when the answers attract a crowd.

A huge part of the Demo Hall is dedicated to the SAS demonstration area. Here, a large contingent of SAS Research and Development staff demo software and talk with customers around the conference clock. The focus leans towards upcoming software releases, so expect to find previews galore. This year, more than 40 demo stations cover areas ranging from Analytics to Graphics to Business Intelligence to Administration. Find out what's going on in your favorite product, but also stroll around the demo block and take a look at some of the other exciting products and solutions SAS produces. Check out the new Analytics Video Touchscreen and definitely plan on spending time at the SAS® Mobile counter, where you can find out about SAS® Visual Analytics and see its results on the iPad.

A lineup of nine Super Demo stations form one side of the demo area, where you can join small groups of other conference attendees for short presentations designed to answer your most-asked questions, share tips and tricks, or preview upcoming features and functionality. SAS staff work hard to ensure that these Super Demos are lively and engaging—they can expose you to new topics or provide deep dives into a specific technique. More than 100 presentations are scheduled, and you can find them listed in the conference program. There's something here for everyone. Here are a few sample titles: demo hall at SGF

SAS is also planning to highlight its efforts around high-performance analytics (including SAS Visual Analytics), which focus on unleashing the information in large amounts of data. SAS is sponsoring a section called "SAS and Big Data," featuring presentations that describe how SAS has taken on the challenge of big data. To whet your appetite, consider High-Performance Statistical Modeling, by Robert Cohen and Bob Rodriguez; SAS and Hadoop—the BIG Picture, by Paul Kent; or SAS Visual Analytics Roadmap, by Greg Hodges.

With the SAS Support and Demo Area, SAS gives you a unique opportunity not only to see what SAS is thinking, but in turn to tell us what YOU think. If you haven't already registered for the conference, there's still time—head on over to the SAS Global Forum website and complete the registration information. We're excited to see you in San Francisco and, on behalf of SAS, to hear your thoughts on all that's available in the Demo Hall.

photo Memsy Price Memsy Price, SAS Product Marketing Manager, works with SAS teams worldwide to connect SAS users and customers with helpful information about their products and solutions. Maura E. Stokes is a Senior R&D Director in the Advanced Analytics Division. She is the development product manager for SAS/STAT software and regularly gives presentations about SAS statistical software.

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