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SAS Presentations at SAS® Global Forum 2013: Part I

By Memsy Price and Maura Stokes

photo of Chen Here in Cary, NC, the winter holidays are behind us and we're thinking ahead to April. Not because it means sunny days and daffodils (although it does), but because it means SAS® Global Forum. This year's event will be held April 28-May 1 in San Francisco. If you haven't already registered, you need to fly to the website and make yourself an early bird registrant. Early registration ends March 25, 2013; you can save substantially by taking advantage of the early registration discount.

If you've attended past conferences, you know that you'll experience informative customer presentations, interesting software demos, hands-on help with your coding questions, training opportunities, and networking with your peers and SAS staff. Whether you're a seasoned conference veteran or a first-time attendee, we guarantee that this year's conference will showcase many exciting SAS presentations, too.

As members of the SAS Global Forum Editorial Board, we're privileged to collaborate with the conference chairs to find and select the best papers SAS employees have to offer. We work throughout the year to encourage our colleagues to pursue new ideas for papers and demos for SAS Global Forum. The papers last far beyond the conference presentations, because the Conference Proceedings section is a highly used resource on this website. We're currently planning our demo schedules and stations – you'll learn about those in the coming weeks – but we can share a sneak preview of some of the SAS papers in store for you. And we're pleased to tell you that they represent an exciting blend of new trends and best practices.

Papers and Presentations

On the new trends front in the Systems Architecture section, Principal Solutions Architect Tom Keefer has planned a paper called "Virtualized Environment for SAS High-Performance Products." He'll provide information about reference architectures and best practices for deploying recent SAS products in virtual environments, results from performance testing, and information about how to plan, manage, and deploy a successful enterprise-class virtualized SAS environment. Additional papers in this section will cover SOA, Grid, and other topics frequently requested by customers.

Historically, the most popular SAS papers focus on solving common problems. This time, you'll want to be sure to attend the paper given by Jeff Bailey, a Principal Product Manager. It's called "The SQL Tuning Checklist: Making Slow Database Queries a Thing of the Past." Bailey notes that his presentation will teach you the steps, and the mindset, that are required to solve this all-too-common problem. He'll cover specific techniques you can use to speed up your queries.

Charged with running a SAS programming shop, Lisa Horwitz, a manager of the Customer Loyalty team, has a lively presentation in the Planning and Support section: "The Successful SAS® Shop: Ten Ideas, Suggestions, and Radical Notions to Ensure Happy and Productive SAS Programmers." Horwitz explains that she'll present some "basic truths about what factors allow groups programmers to find satisfaction and reward in what they do, based on thirty years of experience working with SAS users as well as interviews with numerous SAS customers at small and large SAS shops in a wide range of industries."

Several SAS presentations preview exciting functionality from the upcoming release of SAS 9.4, targeted for this summer. Learn how to produce eBooks from the Output Delivery System (ODS) so that you can read them with your IOS devices in Software Development Senior Manager David Kelley's "Go Mobile with the ODS EPUB Destination." Or see how the new CSS engine provides tremendous flexibility in customizing your ODS styles in Senior Software Developer Kevin Smith's paper "Cascading Style Sheets: Breaking Out of the Box of ODS Styles." If graphics is your cup of tea, review first principles with Software Development Senior Manager Sanjay Matange in "Make A Good Graph" and learn how to use the Graphics Template Language (GTL) to create graphs you can't produce with the standard statistical graphics (SG) procedures in "GTL to the Rescue!" by Lelia McConnell of Technical Support. photo of wicklin

The Statistics section highlights two new procedures in SAS/STAT® 12.1, which was released last summer. Senior Manager Warren Kuhfeld from the Advanced Analytics Division will present a paper titled "Introducing the New ADAPTIVEREG Procedure for Adaptive Regression," which addresses how to fit multivariate adaptive regression spline models in SAS/STAT. This nonparametric modeling approach is appealing when you have high-dimensional data. In addition, Senior Research Statistician Guixian Lin speaks about his new procedure in "Using the QUANTLIFE Procedure for Survival Analysis," which describes the use of quantile regression for possibly right-censored data.

Other key analytical presentations include "Incremental Response Modeling Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™," presented by Product Manager Laura Ryan, and "Unleashing the Power of Unified Text Analytics to Categorize Call Center Data," presented by Principal Software Developer Arila Barnes. The Operations Research section features "The Hospital Game: Optimizing Schedules to Save Resources, and to Save Lives" by Andrew Pease, Senior Manager in Business Solutions. And last, but not least, if you've always wanted to learn SAS/IML programming, Principal Research Statistician Rick Wicklin offers a Hands-On Workshop called "Introducing the SAS/IML® Language."

Well, we've only touched on the tip of the SAS presentation iceberg here – you'll be able to attend SAS presentations in numerous other conference sections we haven't even mentioned here. And of course, those SAS presentations will be complemented by an array of invited and contributed customer papers that will force you to make hard choices about what to see! You really can't go wrong though, because all papers are captured for later viewing in the proceedings. But we do hope you will attend in person. The chance to interact with SAS staff, including the developers who wrote the software, is not to be missed.

If you attend, please look us up!

photo Memsy Price Memsy Price, SAS Product Marketing Manager, works with SAS teams worldwide to connect SAS users and customers with helpful information about their products and solutions. Maura E. Stokes is a Senior R&D Director in the Advanced Analytics Division. She is the development product manager for SAS/STAT software and regularly gives presentations about SAS statistical software.

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