Segment 1: Best Practices

Randy Betancourt, Principal Technical Architect at SAS, discusses the vital role of SAS administrators and explores best practices.

  • Why the role of SAS administrator is so important to an organization.
  • Requisite skills and knowledge for optimal success.
  • Strategies for overcoming common challenges.
  • HR requirements to be effective in administrative activities.
  • The importance of managing all the solutions in the line of business.

About the presenter:
Betancourt is focused on helping organizations with aligning their business strategies and information architectures. He helps SAS customers understand how to fully utilize the features of their SAS software to get the most out of their investment. Betancourt has been with SAS for 27 years and has worked with customers to understand their business challenges.

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Segment 2: A SAS® Administrator's Perspective

Betancourt interviews Greg Lamm, former Director of Information Technology at Connexion Technologies, who shares his experience managing SAS software infrastructure at 14 sites with 650 users.

  • How Connexion Technologies utilizes and benefits from SAS.
  • How they framed their infrastructure and manage their solutions.
  • How they navigate administrative resources and challenges.

About the presenter:
Lamm has more than 20 years of IT experience, including 12 years leading diverse IT organizations. As the former Director of IT at Connexion, he built a national IT support organization that has closely aligned technology initiatives with business goals. Under Lamm's leadership, Connexion's IT organization used standardization and virtualization technologies to increase service metrics and improve overall business/systems performance. Lamm has a substantial background in managing large ERP and systems implementations and integrations.  

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