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Why should you employ SAS Certified Professionals?

Whether you are looking to attract the most qualified SAS professionals or if you already employ SAS experts on your staff the SAS Global Certification program provides you with the means to take your company and staff beyond your competition. With professional certification from SAS your company can reap the benefits of a more productive and efficient workforce.

Benefits of certification for the employer

How can you hire and develop SAS Certified Professionals?

Three Steps to help you hire and develop SAS Certified Professionals
  1. Attract the brightest
    Those who possess a credential from SAS have gone a step above the competition to validate their SAS expertise. To attract the most qualified SAS candidates, consider adding "SAS Global Certification" as preferred or required criteria on your job postings.

    Visit the Public Registry of SAS Certified Professionals to verify SAS Certified professional credentials.

  2. Retain the best
    SAS certification serves as a reliable benchmark for assessing your staff internally and also serves as an excellent return on your training investment. Read SAS Certification success stories.

    "Our business is based on well educated employees. Our IT experts have knowledge goals instead of revenue goals; education is very important to us. Therefore, we take part in the certification and accreditation program from our most important software partner, SAS Institute. From customers' point-of-view, the SAS Certification is a documented proof for the high knowledge level of the professionals from HMS Analytical Software. And for our employees, SAS Certification is confirmation of their SAS expertise."

    – Andreas Mangold, Geschäftsführer, HMS Analytical Software GmbH

  3. Maximize the value of your workforce
    Industry research has proven that individual and work group productivity increases when companies employ certified staff.1 Read SAS Certification success stories.

    "As a hiring manager for Quintiles, a global contract research organization, one of the most important credentials I look for when reviewing resumes is the SAS Certification. Based on my experience, candidates who are SAS Certified are more analytical and are likely to poses stronger SAS programming and debugging skills. In addition, I have increased confidence in these types of candidates who will generally be more productive. Finally, because training is important at Quintiles, all SAS programmers are encouraged to get advanced SAS Certification."

    – Sunil Gupta, Associate Director, Statistical Programming, Quintiles

1 Source: 2009 Salary Survey, Certification Magazine, December 2009